Sex offender says he did nothing wrong

CHULA VISTA, Calif. – The convicted sex offender who was arrested in a Ramona Halloween event while slipping candy into children’s bags says he is a nice guy who would never hurt a child.

29-year-old Danny Shaw of Yucca Valley is in the Chula Vista prison, charged with failing to tell specialists where he was living but can soon face more charges since several law enforcement agencies are now investigating his actions with children.

“I’m not a bad person. I’m not violent at all. I’m actually a nice person, ”¬†Shaw told 10News reporter Allison Ash via a glass partition.

Shaw claims he and his 11-year-old nephew painted their faces as zombies and handed out candy to children at Ramona’s Main Street Trick or Treat event. He denies harassing any kind of children or forcing them to get his candy.

Shaw said he was surprised when deputies arrested him and promises he immediately realized he has did not report his address to specialists, as he is required to do since his conviction of attempting a obscene act on a child in the year 2003.

In that incident, Shaw claims he was helping a friend babysit four girls under the associated with 14. One of them accused him associated with touching her buttocks.

“I’m sorry that it happened and am wish that someday she would tell the truth, and maybe someday this can all of the be cleared up, ” he stated. “She believes I did something incorrect, but I don’t believe I did, since it wasn’t intentional. ”

Two years later, Shaw was imprisoned in San Diego for not registering his address. Even though he served period for that lapse of judgment, Shaw did the same thing eight years later.

“I am the forgetful person, ” he explained.

Shaw says he was never told to stay far from children, so he felt it had been appropriate to go to the Halloween party in spite of his sex offender status.

He told 10News he is neither a pervert nor children predator, and that investigators will not research any evidence against him.

Shaw faces six years in prison if he is convicted.

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